Master of Fitness Science (MFSc)

The Master of Fitness (MFSc) degree  (non-thesis) involves coursework and an extensive practical experience to prepare students for a variety of professional careers including health promotion, sport and occupational fitness applications and exercise management for persons with chronic diseases or disabilities.

It is a full-time program that runs for 16 consecutive months during which students must also author a fitness-based article for a peer-reviewed professional publication.

Completing the MFSc, satisfies the requirements to receive designations such as the Health and Fitness Federation of Canada - Certified Exercise Physiologist™ and enables students to apply for the Ontario College of Kinesiology registration.

Eligible candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree in physical activity/exercise science and have taken upper level university degree undergraduate courses in human whole body physical activity/exercise science applications. Only applicants who have a high GPA (A+, A, A-, and in exceptional circumstances B+, in which case, your covering letter must explain your circumstances) will be considered for acceptance.  Please be advised that the applicant pool is very large and we can only accommodate a handful of new MFSc students each year.

Although other graduate faculty members supervise MFSc students, the primary supervisor and application contact for this program is Dr. Veronica Jamnik.