Faculty Research Interests and Profiles

The Graduate Program in Kinesiology and Health Science (KAHS) faculty  appointment criteria are governed by and consistent with the Policy on Appointments to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). The KAHS Executive Graduate Committee is responsible for advising on program-specific criteria, procedures and appointments.

The FGS website provides an overview of all York University graduate faculty appointments.

You are invited to contact KAHS faculty list below to inquire about their research and doing a graduate degree under their supervision.

NameContactResearch Keywords
Abdel-Shehid, GamalProfilesocio-cultural and policy studies in sport and physical activity
Abdul-Sater, AliProfilemolecular, cellular and integrative physiology, exercise immunology, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, infections, autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, sports and inflammation
Adegoke, OlasunkanmiProfilemolecular, cellular and integrative physiology;
insulin signaling;
intracellular proteolysis;
Ardern, ChrisProfilehealth & fitness behaviour, epidemiology, health, physical, physical activity epidemiology, population, population health
Baker, JosephProfilehealth & fitness behaviour, aging, elite performance, expertise, masters athletes, skill acquisition, sport psychology
Bassett-Gunter, RebeccaProfilehealth & fitness behaviour, psychology of physical activity and exercise across the lifespan
Belcastro, AngeloProfilehealth & fitness behaviour, molecular, cellular and integrative physiology, muscle injury and damage in health and disease
Birot, OlivierProfilemolecular, cellular and integrative physiology, angiogenesis, disease, physiological & pathological conditions
Ceddia, RolandoProfileadipokine, energy metabolism, insulin resistance, molecular, cellular and integrative physiology
Cheng, ArthurProfileskeletal muscle fatigue, molecular, cellular and integrative physiology
Chum, AntonyProfilehealth and fitness behaviour
Cleworth, TaylorProfileneuromechanics; sensorimotor control; aging; biomechanics
Connor, MichaelProfilemuscle development; cancer; molecular, cellular and integrative physiology; muscle
Crawford, Dorota AnnaProfilemolecular neuroscience; genetics; neurodevelopmental disorders; neuroscience
Crawford, John DougProfileperceptual-motor coordination; neuroscience
De Lisio, AmandaProfilehealth & fitness behaviour; physical culture; health; political economy; cities; qualitative methodologies
Drake, JanessaProfilebiomechanics; spine loading
Edgell, HeatherProfileeffects of sex and female sex hormones on healthy cardiovascular responses to physiological stressors; autonomic; brain blood flow; cardiac rehabilitation; cardiovascular; fainting; health & fitness behaviour; menstrual cycle; molecular; cellular and integrative physiology; oral contraceptives; postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome; posture; respiratory; sex differences; women
Erickson, KarlProfilehealth and fitness behaviour
Eyawo, OghenowedeProfile

epidemiology; public health; HIV/AIDS; tuberculosis; mortality; alcohol; health & fitness behaviour
Fallah, MazyarProfilevisual perception; psychophysics; attention; executive function; eye movements; neurodegeneration; neuroscience; oculomotor; reaching; sensorimotor; vision
Fraser–Thomas, JessicaProfilechild and youth development through sport; health & fitness behaviour; positive youth development through sport; youth sport; preschooler; early years; sport development; child development; positive youth development; coaching; family; community
Gage, WilliamProfileneuromuscular control; biomechanics
Gagliese, LucyProfileaging; health & fitness behaviour; health psychology; pain
Grace, SherryProfilecardiac rehabilitation; health services; cardiac psychology; global health; health & fitness behaviour; sex differences; equity; patient outcomes
Haas, TaraProfilecardiovascular physiology; molecular; cellular and integrative physiology
Hamadeh, MazenProfilehuman nutrition, exercise, metabolism, G93A mice, molecular, cellular and integrative physiology
Hayhurst, LyndsayProfilegender-based violence prevention through sport; girlhood studies' and sport; sexual and reproductive health rights through sport; socio-cultural and policy studies in sport and physical activity; sport and gender; sport and Indigenous Peoples; sport and international relations; sport and postcolonial feminist theory; sport and social movements; sport and social policy; sport and the environment; sport for development and peace
Henriques, DeniseProfilemotor control; motor learning; neuroscience; sensorimotor control and learning
Hood, DavidProfilecell physiology; exercise; gene expression; mitochondria; mitophagy; mitrochondrial biogenesis; molecular, cellular and integrative physiology; muscle; muscle health
Hurley, JaclynProfilebiomechanics
Hynes, LoriannProfilehealth & fitness behaviour; concussion; whiplash; cerebral blood flow; ultrasound; MRI; neck soft tissue injury; athletic therapy; rehabilitation
Jamnik, VeronicaProfilehealth & fitness behaviour; molecular; cellular and integrative physiology; occupational fitness; training adaptations
Josse, AndreaProfilebody composition; bone health; cardiometabolic risk; diet; exercise; functional food; health & fitness behaviour; human nutrition; lifestyle modification; molecular, cellular and integrative physiology; obesity; protein and dairy; strength
Kuk, JenniferProfileexercise; health & fitness behaviour; health risks; obesity
Macpherson, AlisonProfileepidemiology; health & fitness behaviour; health services; injury prevention
Meisner, BradProfileaging; health & fitness behaviour; positive psychology; health and wellness in mid and/or later life; health psychology; unpaid caregiving
Mochizuki, GeorgeProfilebiomechanics; human disorders of neurological motor control; neuroscience
Moore, AnneProfilebiomechanics; occupational biomechanics
Nakamura, YukaProfileclass; citizenship; community; diaspora; ethnicity; gender; identity; nation; multiculturalism; physical activity; physical activity; policy; sport; socio-cultural; transnationality
Penney, Tarra Profilehealth & fitness behaviour; healthy sustainable food systems; nutrition and diet; policy evaluation; systems thinking and complexity science
Perry, ChristopherProfilehealth & fitness behaviour; metabolism; molecular; cellular and integrative physiology; training adaptations
Poirier, MathieuProfilehealth & fitness behaviour; infectious disease epidemiology; social epidemiology; global health policy; health inequality metrics; tobacco control; antimicrobial resistance
Riddell, MichaelProfileclinical exercise physiology; health & fitness behaviour; metabolism; molecular, cellular and integrative physiology; diabetes; endocrinology; hypoglycemia; hyperglycemia glucagon; insulin; somatostatin; hormone and metabolic assays; glucose clamps; calorimetry and continuous glucose monitoring
Ritvo, PaulProfilecancer prevention; cancer treatment; health & fitness behaviour; health psychology
Rotondi, MichaelProfilecluster randomized trials; health & fitness behaviour; interobserver agreement studies; respondent-driven sampling; statistical genetics
Roudier, EmilieProfileangiogenesis; angiogenesis in health and disease; childhood obesity; childhood obesity and vascular health; diet; diet and vascular health; disease; molecular, cellular and integrative physiology; physical activity; physical activity and vascular health; vascular health
Safai, ParissaProfileinjury; pain; political economy; risk; social determinants of athletes' health; social inequality;
socio-cultural and policy studies in sport and physical activity; sociology of health and medicine; sociology of sport
Scimè, AnthonyProfileadipose differentiation; molecular, cellular and integrative physiology; muscle; muscle regeneration; stem cell biology; stem cell metabolism
Sergio, LaurenProfileneuromotor control; neuroscience
Singh, SachilProfilehealth and fitness science; Algorithmic bias, class, ethnicity, race, social classification, sociology of health, sociology of medicine, surveillance
Tamim, HalaProfilehealth & fitness behaviour; maternal and child health; immigrants and refugees health