Not all courses are offered every year, so be sure to check the course offerings for the current year. For more detailed description of the courses, see the course outlines.

Before newly admitted graduate students register they must meet with their supervisor to discuss their program of study and complete the Program "Advising Form". After the advising meeting with your supervisor (which will take place in June), new students must return the completed form to the graduate program office so that your advising block can be removed. The block must be removed before you are given permission to register and enroll in courses.

Enrollment in courses is restricted to Kinesiology and Health Science graduate students. Students from other programs are required to get permission from their course director and the course instructor prior to requesting permission to enrol.

Graduate students from other Ontario Universities, interested in enrolling in a York graduate course, should consult their own graduate program regarding Ontario visiting graduate student plan (OVGS) procedures. Visiting students first must apply for special status at York University through the Graduate Admissions application form.