2020/21 Course Offerings

Required Courses - CORE

KAHS 5400 3.0Master's Practica I (MA & MSc)F20 or W21
KAHS 5400 6.0Non-Thesis Master's Practica (MFSc)Y
KAHS 5410 3.0Master's Practica II (MA & MSc)F20 or W21
KAHS 5410 6.0Non-Thesis Master's Practica II (MFSc)S21
KAHS 6010 3.0Univariate Analysis and DesignF20R, 11:30
KAHS 6020 3.0Multivariate Analysis and DesignW21T, 11:30
KAHS 6210 3.0Graduate Seminar (MA-1 & MSC-1)YF, 11:30-1 (ZOOM)
KAHS 7200 3.0Graduate Seminar, Part I (PHD-1)YF, 11:30-1 (ZOOM)
KAHS 7210 3.0Graduate Seminar, Part II (PHD-2)YF, 11:30-1 (ZOOM)

Elective Courses (subject to change due to COVID-19)

KAHS 6030Qualitative Research MethodsFW, 11:30Y. Nakamura
KAHS 6130Fundamentals of Health and Exercise PsychologyFR, 11:30R. Bassett-Gunter
KAHS 6144Behavioural Cardiology and Cardiac RehabilitationFR, 8:30S. Grace
KAHS 6150Brain Mechanisms of Movement in Health and Disease WR, 14:30L. Sergio
KAHS 6155Fundamentals of Neuroscience I: Structures, Neurons and SynapsesFW, 11:30D.A. Crawford & G. Mochizuki
KAHS 6156Fundamentals of Neuroscience II: Circuits, Systems and BehaviourWtba
KAHS 6170Instrumentation, Signal Processing, and Modelling in Biophysical ResearchFT, 11:30J. Drake
KAHS 6301Vascular Biology in Health & DiseaseFW, 8:30T. Haas
KAHS 6320Stem Cells and Tissue Regeneration FT, 11:30A. Scime
KAHS 6370Advanced Exercise Physiology I: Muscle WW, 11:30D. Hood
KAHS 6375Techniques in Muscle PhysiologyWT, 8:30A. Cheng
KAHS 6382Biomechanics and Motor Control of Posture, Balance, and GaitWR, 8:30T. Cleworth
KAHS 6391Advanced Exercise Physiology/Therapy for ChronicWM, 11:30M. Riddell
KAHS 6393Advanced Protein and Amino Acid Nutrition and Metabolism FM, 11:30O. Adegoke
KAHS 6400Epidemiology of Physical Activity, Fitness and HealthWT, 8:30C. Ardern
KAHS 6440Current Issues in the Psychology of Skilled PerformanceFW, 11:30J. Baker
KAHS 6460Applied EpidemiologyFW, 8:30H. Tamim
KAHS 6475Sport, Physical Activity and Health Policy: Development, analysis and evaluationWW, 11:30L. Hayhurst
KAHS 6480Autonomic function in health and disease WM, 2:30H. Edgell
KAHS 5340 (MFSC only)Advanced Fitness/Lifestyle Assessment and Counseling (MFSc)YV. Jamnik