Course Offerings

Required Courses—CORE

KAHS 5400 3.0Master's Practica I (MA & MSc)F21 or W22
KAHS 5400 6.0Non-Thesis Master's Practica (MFSc)Y
KAHS 5410 3.0Master's Practica II (MA & MSc)F21 or W22
KAHS 5410 6.0Non-Thesis Master's Practica II (MFSc)S22
KAHS 6010 3.0Univariate Analysis and DesignF21R, 11:30, In-Person
KAHS 6020 3.0Multivariate Analysis and DesignW22R, 11:30
KAHS 6210 3.0Graduate SeminarY (MA-1 & MSC-1 only)F, 11:30-1 (Remote/Zoom)
KAHS 7200 3.0Graduate Seminar, Part IY (PHD-1 only)F, 11:30-1 (Remote/Zoom)
KAHS 7210 3.0Graduate Seminar, Part IIY (PHD-2 only)F, 11:30-1 (Remote/Zoom)

Elective Courses

CourseTitleTermDay, Time, InstructionInstructor
KAHS 5340
Advanced Fitness/Lifestyle Assessment and CounselingYR, 8:00
(MFSC only)
V. Jamnik
KAHS 6456Health Psychology Graduate Diploma YM, 11:00J. Katz
KAHS 6457Health Psychology Graduate DiplomaYM, 11:00J. Katz
KAHS 6030Qualitative Research MethodsF21W, 11:30Y. Nakamura
KAHS 6155Fundamentals of Neuroscience I F21W, 11:30
(by permission only)
D.A. Crawford
KAHS 6315Redox Biology and Oxidative Stress in Health and DiseaseF21M, 11;30C. Perry
KAHS 6390Aging, Body Composition and Chronic Disease: Lifestyle Therapeutic InterventionsF21R, 11;30J. Kuk
KAHS 6455Advanced Topics in Sport and Exercise PsychologyF21T, 11:30J. Fraser-Thomas
KAHS 6460Applied EpidemiologyF21W, 8:30H. Tamim
KAHS 6110Critical Thinking About Health ResearchW22T, 14:30L. Gagliese
KAHS 6142Cognition, Emotion and Behaviour Change in Health and DiseaseW22W, 14:30P. Ritvo
KAHS 6143Current Issues in Health PsychologyW22W, 14:30J. Katz
KAHS 6156Fundamentals of Neuroscience IIW22 R, 11:30
(by permission only)
E. Freud
KAHS 6175Musculoskeletal Modelling & ProgrammingW22M, 8:30J. Hurley
KAHS 6273Computer Programming for Experimental PsychologyW22F, 11:30R. Murray
KAHS 6365Mitochondria in Health and DiseaseW22W, 11:30D. Hood
KAHS 6392Nutrition, Health and Exercise PerformanceW22 - CANCELLEDW, 11:30M. Hamadeh
KAHS 6430The Human Body in Social TheoryW22M, 11:30A. De Lisio