2018/19 Course Offerings

Core Courses

KAHS 5400 3.0Master's Practica I (MA & MSc)Supervisor
KAHS 5400 6.0Non-Thesis Master's Practica (MFSc)YSupervisor
KAHS 5410 3.0Master's Practica II (MA & MSc)Supervisor
KAHS 5410 6.0Non-Thesis Master's Practica II (MFSc)S19Supervisor
KAHS 6010Univariate Analysis and DesignW19M. RotondiR, 11:30
KAHS 6020Multivariate Analysis and DesignF18 - AA. Macpherson & H. TamimR, 2:30
KAHS 6020Multivariate Analysis and DesignF18 - BA. Macpherson & H. TamimF, 11:30
KAHS 6210Graduate Seminar (MA-1 & MSC-1)YF, 3:00
KAHS 6220Readings in Special Topicsby permission only
KAHS 7200Graduate Seminar, Part I (PHD-1)YF, 3:00
KAHS 7210Graduate Seminar, Part II (PHD-2)YF, 3:00

Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology

KAHS 6301Vascular Biology in Health and DiseaseF18T. HaasW, 11:30
KAHS 6320Stem Cells and Tissue RegenerationF18A. ScimeT, 11:30
KAHS 6340Physiological, Molecular, and Nutritional Aspects of ObesityW19R. CeddiaM, 2:30
KAHS 6370Advanced Exercise Physiology I: MuscleW19D. HoodT, 2:30
KAHS 6391Advanced Exercise Physiology / Therapy for Chronic DiseaseF18M. RiddellW, 2:30
KAHS 6393Advanced Sports and Exercise NutritionF18O. AdegokeM, 11:30

Neuroscience and Biomechanics

KAHS 6152Shaping Action: The Role of Sensory Informaion in Motor LearningF18D. HenriquesT, 11:30
KAHS 6155Fundamentals of Neuroscience I: Structures, Neurons and SynapsesF18D. Crawford, L. SergioW, 11:30
KAHS 6156Fundamentals of Neuroscience II: Circuits, Systems and BehaviourW19R, 11:30
KAHS 6161Perception and ActionW19L. HarrisW, 2:30
KAHS 6229Statistical Modelling of Perception and CognitionW19R. MurrayR, 11:30
KAHS 6273Computer Programming for Experimental PsychologyF18R. MurrayR, 11:30
KAHS 6381Biomechanics of Human Movement for Injury and RehabilitationF18 - CANCELLEDA. MooreR, 2:30

Health and Fitness Behaviours

KAHS 5340 (MFSC only)Advanced Fitness/Lifestyle Assessment and Counseling (MFSc)YV. Jamnikinstructor to provide
KAHS 5020Meta-analysis and Systematic Reviews: Methodology and InterpretationW19M. RotondiR, 2:30
KAHS 6110Critical Thinking About Health ResearchW19L. GaglieseT, 2:30
KAHS 6142CANCELLED: Cognition, Emotion and Behaviour Change in Health and DiseaseW19P. RitvoM, 2:30
KAHS 6143Current Issues in Health PsychologyW19J, KatzW, 2:30
KAHS 6144Behavioural Cardiology and Cardiac RehabilitationW19S. GraceR, 8:30
KAHS 6390Aging, Body Composition and Chronic Disease: Lifestyle Therapeutic InterventionsW19J. KukW, 11:30
KAHS 6440Current Issues in the Psychology of Skilled PerformanceF18J. BakerT, 11;30
KAHS 6455Advanced Topics in Sport and Exercise PsychologyF18J. Fraser-ThomasR, 11:30
KAHS 6456Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology - Seminar 1YJ. KatzM, 11:00
KAHS 6457Graduate Diploma in Health Psychology - Seminar 2YJ. KatzM, 11:00
KAHS 6460Applied Epidemiology and Public HealthF18H. TamimW, 8:30
KAHS 6480CANCELLED: Autonomic Function in Health and DiseaseW19H. EdgellM, 2:30
KAHS 6485Interdisciplinary and Practical Approaches to Healthy AgingW19B. MeisnerF, 10:30

Socio-Cultural and Policy Studies in Sport and Physical Activity

KAHS 6030Qualitative Research MethodsF18P. SafaiM, 11:30